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How to clean up your glyph drawing in

Vector files exported as SVG from Glyph Drawing Club should always be merged (joining the vector paths together to make a seamless path) for smaller filesize and easier handling.

Merging is fast and easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Export your glyph drawing as .svg
Export SVG button highlighted in the Save tab of Glyph Drawing Club
Export as SVG
  1. Open the exported .svg file in Adobe Illustrator
  2. Select the Selection Tool (V) and press Cmd + a to select everything
  3. Open Pathfinder window (Window -> Pathfinder)
  4. Open Pathfinder options which you find by clicking the hamburger menu icon
Highlighted pathfinder options in adobe illustrator
Open pathfinder options
  1. Make sure “Remove Redundant Points” is checked, click OK
Highlighted precision numbers in pathfinder options
The precision number should be left at default
  1. Click Merge TWICE
Highlighted merge button in pathfinder
Click the merge button twice!

(optional) Transparent background

  1. Deselect everything by clicking off canvas, and then select the Direct Selection Tool (A)
  2. Click on any white area, and go to Select -> Same -> Fill Color
Highlighted merge button in pathfinder
This selects all shapes that have white fill color
  1. Hit delete or backspace
She's a happy clean dog now
She's a happy clean dog now